Reasons why dry sifting is better/easier for the average medical patient or recreational user.

  • Ease of Use: Faster, cleaner set up and break down. No solvents, no ice, just a few minutes of time.

  • The Law: Prop. 215 states that only water extraction or dry sift is legal in California, making it the no-brainer method for in-state patients.

  • Terpene Retention: When you make dry sift you aren't rinsing away valuable terpenes which play a vital role in medication.

  • Learning Curve: There is almost no learning curve. You will become very skilled at this very quickly with our product and help!

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that you made it yourself. No wondering where it came from.

  • The Experience: Aroma, taste, etc. Dry sift is the most natural form of extract possible and for that reason alone you will be producing the finest grade medicine available.

  • Options: Dry sift can easily be reduced into butters, oils or other types of cooking products for other methods of delivery. It does not have to be inhaled.


Why Dry Sift?